Marinaterra Hotel & Spa at Marina San Carlos Sonora Mexico.
Marinaterra Vacation Club

Welcome to the Terra Vacation Club

As member, you will have exclusive discounts in food and beverages as well as discounts in sea and land activities and in the events that Marinaterra Hotel organizes for you.

Electronic management of your membership account where you will be able to check your financial status, maintenance payments, inquiries, purchases, accumulation and acceleration of vacation points.

Electronic or phone access to discounts in tourism services including accommodation weeks, well-known hotels, airlines, car rental, All Included packages, restaurants, golf courses, skiing, thematic and recreational parks, cruises and many more...

Week exchange applications at national and international level.

Discounts in business trips in hotels, restaurants, car rental, concierge services, V.I.P. service in cities at worldwide level.

Customized reservation application service by phone and/or electronic mail.

Vacation points exchange for other services within the hotel as A & B, activities, customized services such as banquets, birthdays, private parties, wedding receptions, courier service, restaurant reservations, events, laundry and dry cleaning and much more...

Unique and customized electronic promotions for your dates of interest such as birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, St. Valentine’s day, etc.