Marinaterra Hotel & Spa at Marina San Carlos Sonora Mexico.

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Great Value DAE Bonus Promotions

DAE - Great Value DAE Bonus Promotions

Leading company in tourism services and exchanges with premises throughout the world offering travel options to over 350 000 users, being outstanding the following:

Week exchange at world level, with the lowest fees in the industry and no annual renewal costs. Additional weeks with no maintenance or exchange fee payment throughout the world for US$ 99.00 and a lot more

ICE Platinum Rewards

ICE Platinum Rewards

For over a decade Ice Enterprise, a leading company in cruise exchanges and other tourism services, offers its users a wide range of traveling opportunities and unique experiences, being outstanding the following benefits:

  • No exchange fee for cruise cabins Over 3 000 cruise destinations and 14 of the most important cruise lines.
  • Up to 4 staterooms in exchange for one week.
  • The capacity to assign the benefits to family members and friends.
  • Access to over 150 000 5 Star and Gold Crown Resorts for US$399.00
  • Access to vacation weeks booking 90 days in advance or before for US$ 199.00.


RCI - The largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world

The objective of RCI, a worldwide leading company with over 4 700 affiliated developments in approximately 100 countries, is to increase the value of your vacation property, offering the users a wide variety of tourism services, being outstanding the following:

Worldwide week exchanges, including the most well-known hotel chains such as Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Disney and more...
Travel agency services, with discounts in airplane tickets, car rental, All Included packages, tours, etc...
Discounts in over 4 500 worldwide hotels and a lot more …..


Access - A whole world of discounts.

With Access you’ll never have to look for good discounts or opportunities; you will always find them here.

  • Up to 50% discount in over 100 000 worldwide premises
  • Well-known restaurants and fast food
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Car rental
  • Vacation packages
  • Golf courses
  • Skiing
  • And many more


Gourmet & Travel

Pleasure or business, the Gourmet & Travel and Entertainer membership offers its users up to 50% discounts in domestic premises such as Hotels, well-known restaurants, domestic and international airlines, shops, recreation parks and many more